Document digitalization


As a professional scanning service provider, we take over the digital capture of your files and documents for you.

We scan single documents or complete archives. Together we plan the entire process.

Meeting your ideas, conditions and specifications is our top priority.

We receive your documents by mail or we come and take over your files on site.


    Reasons that speak for scan services


    Free your floor space from unnecessarily stored documents in physical form and thereby also from costs for folders, archive boxes and other storage media.


    He who seeks finds'. Digital documents are much easier to manage and find again. Save time by managing your files digitally only.


    Thanks to our cloud solution, you can access your data regardless of location. This means you are not tied to a desktop PC and are guaranteed to have all your data with you at your next customer meeting.


    Scanning and capturing documents in the company on your own is often cost-intensive and time-consuming. We offer you a full service, from the collection of your documents to the return delivery or destruction.


    Your data is in safe hands. All digitally captured documents are not stored externally but on our internal server. Our server is protected from external influences.


    Save yourself a high investment for hardware and software. Our scanning service offers you a package that includes preparation, scanning, indexing and destruction or return delivery, including re-sorting of your documents.


    Scan service at a glance

    • Collection of your files at your location

    • Professional preparation of your documents for the scanning process

    • Structured data capture

    • Data output in all common file formats (pdf, tif, jpg etc.)

    • OCR text recognition

    • Professional digitalization by means of high performance scanners

    • Internal server with cloud storage

    • Destruction of the redundant physical documents

    Security and protection of documents

    The documents can be damaged by external influences during physical storage. Physical contact alone can lead to abrasion and illegibility.

    Increase access time

    Generally, archives are located in basements, attics or warehouses. Endless rows of shelves, cabinets, drawers and pallets make it difficult to keep track of everything. This leads to inconvenient searches. They are probably poorly sorted and placed in a different building.

    All data available regardless of location

    Oftentimes, the requested data is needed at another location or at the customer's site. Sending these documents may take several days.

    Use room areas for other purposes

    Archive boxes, folders and storage boxes need a lot of space. In addition, high costs are required for the maintenance of the archive storage.

    Our packages for your document digitalization

    Transferred documents are prepared for the scanning process. With the workflow set, the data is captured, read out with OCR and then checked for quality.


    Once the process has been completed and checked for accuracy, the customer receives the digital documents on a desired data medium.

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    The digital documents are stored on our internal server. With your personal login, you can access and manage your data using our website.

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    The captured data is mirrored in real time from our internal server to your preset server. This way you have all files with you.

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